Tours in Medellin: Discover the City of Eternal Spring

Tours in Medellin are a way to get to know the city’s tourist attractions accompanied by a local guide. These Experiences can be of different types and durations, from a half-day cultural tour to a multi-day adventure tour.

Cultural Tours in Medellin


Eternal Spring

In the central mountain range of the Andes is the Aburrá Valley on which the city of Medellín sits. Colombia's second city has managed to leave behind its bad image and has become one of the obligatory stops for travelers visiting our country. On both sides of the Medellín River there is a modern, warm, cheerful city open to all those who want to get to know it. Strolling through its streets and trying to discover its essence goes beyond what is imagined.

Medellin Nature Tours

Enchanted Valley

The San Nicolás Valley, located east of Medellín, is a plateau located in the central Andes. This vast valley is a feast of shapes and colors, of mountains, ravines, and showers, it is a river of stories but also of songs. It is rich in natural and water resources and endemic species, inspiring you to connect with nature and appreciate the incredible landscapes, which is why it is called the green region of Antioquia.

Food Tours Medelllin

Magic Mountains

The Southwest of Antioquia is surrounded by imposing mountains, some winding and others rugged. Innumerable rivers cross this region, the most important being the Cauca River, which advances serenely, for the most part, along the same route that the old railroad traveled. In this region you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and a starry sky that will amaze you at night. Anyone who wants to enjoy this unique landscape will be amazed by such natural beauty.

Adventure Tours in Medellin

Haunted Canyon

In Western Antioquia, barequeo is a whole culture that revolves around gold. These values are part of a social order, of mutual respect for the canyon and what it offers its inhabitants. The Patrón Mono, as they call the Cauca River, is fierce and deep. Impetuous waterfalls move over the mountains that surround the river, tons of water, cream-colored waterfalls, rush between the mountain ranges of this region of the Antioquian Andes.

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