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Artisan Hands Tour in Carmen de Viboral

Ceramics arrived in El Carmen de Viboral in the eighteenth century and since then it has become an element of identity of this population in eastern Antioquia. Here there are still workshops that keep alive the artisan tradition around ceramics and earthenware. Its influence and recognition has been such that this product is one of the 18 Colombian products with Designation of Origin. Recently, this profession was also declared Intangible Heritage of the Nation.

We depart from Medellin and visit some pottery workshops where the artisans will show us the process of making the pieces, from the preparation of the clay to the glazing and final decoration.

We’ll continue our tour by visiting workshops of other handicrafts, such as wool and cotton fabrics, woodwork, metal and leather, among others. Here, you will be able to see the artisans working on their pieces and you will have the opportunity to acquire some of them if you wish.

We’ll also visit the handicraft market, where you’ll find a wide variety of handmade products, from ceramics and fabrics to jewelry and decorative objects. Here, you will be able to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Carmen de Viboral’s handicrafts and take home some unique souvenirs from your visit.

1. Visit to Ceramics Workshops:

– “Immerse yourself in the art of ceramics in Carmen de Viboral with our tour. Discover the creative process in local workshops and the passion behind each piece.”

2. Ceramic Painting Workshop:

– “Put your creativity to the test in our ceramic painting workshop. Learn traditional techniques and customize your own artwork in an inspiring environment.”

3. Historical Tour of the Village:

– “Explore the rich history of Carmen de Viboral on our tour. Walk through its streets full of culture and discover the secrets that make this charming town unique.”

4. Meeting with Local Artists:

– “Connect with local artists on our tour. Listen to their stories, learn from their experience, and feel the passion that drives their traditional art.”

5. Local Gastronomy Tasting:

– “Delight yourself with the gastronomy of Carmen de Viboral. Try typical dishes and local flavors that will make this tour an experience for your palate as well.”

Discover the Magic of Local Art on the Artisan Hands Tour in Carmen de Viboral

Ready for a journey full of color and creativity? Join our “Artisan Hands Tour in Carmen de Viboral” and live a unique experience in the heart of the Colombian artisan tradition. From Medell├şn, we take you to a world where every brushstroke tells a story and every craft reflects the soul of its creator. You’ll learn directly from local artisans, explore charming workshops, and discover how Carmen de Viboral’s famous ceramics are created. This tour isn’t just a stroll, it’s an immersion in culture and art, designed to inspire and enrich travelers like you who are looking for authentic and meaningful experiences.


Duration : 8 Hours

Start Time : 9 am

Difficulty : Easy

This activity includes:

  • Private Transportation
  • Guide
  • Typical lunch
  • Ceramics Workshop
  • Growing hydrangeas
  • Bostonian Beans
  • Assistance Insurance
medical id card

This activity does not include:

  • Air Ticket
  • Hotel or Accommodation
  • Foods Not Mentioned
  • Tips
  • Taxes on Nationals
  • Unrelated Expenses
  • Alcoholic Beverages
20. Tax

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